Pleated Filter Cartridge

Pleated Filter Cartridge

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Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we are pioneers of Pleated Filter Cartridge, serving the varied industrial segments as a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier with high level of professionalism and customer centric approach. We offer a wide range of PP pleated cartridge which are very beneficial for varied applications including, Filtration of beverage industry, filtration of packaged drinking water, pre- filter for ultra-fine water, pre- filter for DI water of RO and UF filter, filtration of cooling water system and filtration of paints, inks, resins, adhesives, catalysts, solvents and surfactants.
Some of the features are:
  • Efficient filters with double layer structure.
  • Filtration area more than 0.5m2,
  • Low pressure drop,
  • High capacity of dust and long service life,
  • End configurations to fit all standard housings.
Technical specifications
  • Material of construction: PP fibre, core and end cap, high strength PP, o ring material, EPDM, Buan N, Silicone, Viton.
  • Length: 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 inches
  • Inner diameter: 28 mm
  • Outer diameter: 69 mm
  • Configuration: double open end (DOE), 226/Fin (SOE), 222/Flat (SOE)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 95 degree C.